Bot commands

  • /login <username> <password>

    Log in with your matrix username and password.

  • /logout

    Log out of your matrix user.

  • /join <room_name>

    Join to the given room.

  • /leave

    Get a list of the rooms you have joined.

  • /discover_rooms

    Get a list of public rooms on the server.

    This may not work on big servers with many public rooms

  • /focus

    Interactive command. Prompt the user for the room he wants to “focus” right now.

  • /setname <new_name>

    Sets matrix display name.

  • /status

    Return general information regarding the user status.

  • /create_room <room_alias> [invitees]

    Create a room with room_alias and invite invitees to it. Room alias should be provided without the homeserver suffix. Invitees is an optional space seperated list of matrix ids to be invited.

  • /me <text>

    Send an emote to the room.

Every other message (text, photos, videos) which is sent while logged in and focused to a room will be propagated to the room, and vice versa for the room messages being sent from other users.